Get Negative Energy Out Of Your Home With These 5 Tricks

 on Wednesday, 7 June 2017  

Your home is your ‘safe place’, the one place where you should always feel safe and secure. When your home is full of a negative energy this can be felt in your physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Negative energies possess the ability to diminish your imagination, dampen your abilities, derail your dreams and destroy your confidence. It can lead to a higher level of conflict within family relationships, creating a heightened level of stress and anxiety, and create a home environment that leaves everyone feeling ‘off’.
how to get negative energy out of your home

These negative energies can come into your home for a number of reasons – because someone in your home is sick, when you move into a new home, when something negative occurs in the home, when a lot of people have been in your home (each bringing with them their own energies) or when you, or a member of your family, are feeling negative emotions.
The good news is that there are a number of ways that one can remove negative energy from their home. Any one of these options will go a long way to help in restoring your home’s balance and harmony, for both you and your family members.
  1. 1) Salt the Corners, Windows and Entrances of Your Home
Take sea salt and pour it into the four corners of each of your rooms. Allow the salt to sit in place for 48 hours, giving it time to absorb the negative energies within the room. After that time has passed, either sweep or vacuum up the salt, and throw it away, immediately removing it entirely from your house.  If you are looking for some additional protection, mix in ground saffron as Tibetan tradition believes that evil energies will not enter a space if saffron has been used as they do not like the smell.
  1. 2) Add Sound
It has been found that a quiet space attracts negative energy, which explains why adding a sound to a room can act as such a powerful cleansing method. Melissa Mattern, professional psychic, states, “Just give [your bell] a ring in each corner of the room and in your doorway.” Doing so will fill the room with sound waves, which will in turn move the bad energy out of the room, making way for the good energy to move in.
  1. 3) Smudge Your Home with Sage
This is a popular technique used by the Native Americans to remove bad energy. Maureen Calamia, a re-nature Feng Shui Consultant states, “The smoke is what you will use to clear your home. I always state at the front door and work my way around in a clockwise direction.” Once you have completed the smudging process, visualize your intentions for each room of the home, allowing your own personal energy to fill the space.
  1. 4) Use Protection Crystals
There are many different crystals that you may choose to use within your own home. Black tourmaline has been found to absorb negative energy from people and spaces. It is said to easy anxiety and depression, and merely holding it in your hand can pull the negative energy from your body. Rose Quartz, on the other hand, has been found to replace negative emotions with positive ones. Place a piece in each corner of the room, as well as one near any electronics in your home, as they absorb electromagnetic energy.
  1. 5) Remove Broken Items
Anjie Cho, Feng Shui and holistic living expert and found of Holistic Spaces states, “Broken things bring that stuck and negative energy into your home.”  Rather than allowing yourself to hold onto old negative energies by keeping these items within the home, take the time to weed out and remove all broken and unwanted items. If an item is broken that you do intend on keeping, take the time and energy to repair the item so that it does not act as a host of negative energies.
Get Negative Energy Out Of Your Home With These 5 Tricks 4.5 5 SEEKER Wednesday, 7 June 2017 Your home is your ‘safe place’, the one place where you should always feel safe and secure. When your home is full of a negative energy th...

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