Everyone Dies at Least 3 Times In Life Before We are Actually Dead. Here's How !

 on Saturday, 21 January 2017  

What is death? The moment when your heart and brain stops. Scientifically its called permanent ending of vital processes of your body. Once a person is dead their organs stops working.

However, you have people good as dead but their heart is working. So you cannot call them dead although their brain function and most other organs do not function properly. However in legal terms, when brain dies a person dies. This is determined by monitoring neurological activity of one's brain. If no electrical impulses and oxygen supply is happening a person is declared brain dead, ultimately dead.

everyone dies at least 3 times before they actually die

That is all science. But do you know that there can be exceptions to all of these? Miracles happened that the dead became alive again ? Shocking stories of people died for sometime and survived? 

Leave all that aside, what if I say all of us expeirince death at least 3 times before we actually die ? 

Yes, we all do and here's how ....

1) Anesthesia 

When doctors give you a dose you expeirince a state that is perfectly similar to death. Try to expeirince it before and after if you are getting ready for a surgery. You will have no trace of memory for the given period and you consciousness dies. Only difference is that your heart don't stop. Therefore major organs function as usual. Neurologists say Anesthesia induced amnesia and death is 90% similar.  

2) Death in Sleep

Most dreams we see are quite familiar to us right ? In fact there's hardly any dream that is supernatural. Because dreams are based on our experiences. However we may see things in dreams before they actually occur. That is why when something happens to us sometimes we feel that its a recurring event. Have you ever felt that? 

90% of people in the world expeirince death in their dreams. I have and most of my friends have. Just ask and see. The death we experience in dreams are so real. The feelings you expeirince in dream are exactly those you will experience in your deathbed. If you ever dreamt death, you will never fear to die.

3) Dying for several minuets and hours.

This happens in two situations. First is when you are old and waiting to die on your deathbed. Second is when you meet with a terrible accident and become dead for a while. People assume that its becoming unconscious though you know that you died for sometime.

I had a grand mother who used to tell me that she dies for sometime one day and later came back to life. There was none in my family including myself who believed what she had to say until I met with an accident one day and died for nearly half hour. What my grandmother used tell me about death was 100% similar to what I experienced when I died that day. Though my lifeless body just laid on the road, I could see everything that happened around me. The way people trying to help me and take my body to the hospital. I could travel so soothingly on space and I suddenly entered to a vast empty space. It was all blank but felt so relieved.

Just as I was starting to love the feeling of emptiness, some form of an electric shock hit my soul and reminded me that I need to be back in my body. I was on the fense, thinking whether I should return or not. I heard my own voice calling me searching for me to come back. Then I decided to go back although I was still not sure how to get back to my body. It just took only a few seconds to realize that I am going through treatments at the hospital and the doctors were giving me electric shocks to bring me back to life.

I was speaking so many people about experiencing death like I did and people seldom open up because they think what they experienced was just unique to them. Stories about people dying for several minuets and hours are all over the internet. But probably 10% of them could be true. After speaking several people on death expeirince, I know now that my expeirince was never unique and that most of us have died in one of these ways before we actually die. It was just we never knew it was real death expeirince to begin with. Other's they just forgot it and moved on. But I am always keen to experience this temporarily death once more so that I can probably see many things what I would see when I am actually dead.

Rosa Demanko,
Author of "Everyone Dies Many Times"

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Everyone Dies at Least 3 Times In Life Before We are Actually Dead. Here's How ! 4.5 5 SEEKER Saturday, 21 January 2017 What is death? The moment when your heart and brain stops. Scientifically its called permanent ending of vital processes of your body. Once ...

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