This is What Happens to You When You Die According to Buddha and The Science !

 on Wednesday, 23 November 2016  

Buddhist teachings have the best explanation for life, death the universe. It has the most logical explanation in relation to death and life thereafter. Some religions teaches a Heaven and Hell, while Buddhism explains how the life and the characteristics of mental being is carried forward. How the recurring mental factors such as craving and ignorance condition the life after death. Of course how to make sure to put an end to these mental factors which will end the recurrence of circle.


When someone is about to die, he or she looses control of conscious mind and thereby the memories of habits gets released from the body. Its like an image or a photo copy of Karma and consciousness. This image is all about the good and bad the person did in their life including the things someone loved the most. When a person is about they often talk about these things with visitors or they talk to themselves of the significant things they did in their life. More often the bad they did and the things they couldn't do or the things they are going to miss. These thoughts are the strongest thoughts anyone will ever experience. When you approach death they become very strong and powerful despite the weak body condition. 

When the body finally breaks these thoughts gets released as mental energy and energy don't just go away. They transform and finds a place to replace itself. Mental energy cannot get transferred any other energy except mental energy itself. Therefore it need to find a new body to exist. This is the process called reincarnation. Depending on your mental energy you will find a suitable place to replace yourself. If the new body or being you will replace yourself is good and comfortable then it will be heavenly. But if your energy is not so strong and are dark, then you might end up in a place where life will not be easy and full of sufferings. This is what people interpret as hell which is clearly described as Heaven and Hell concept in Buddhism.  

Its like radio frequencies (Music or words) transmitted in to space which will be received (as Music and words) by the correct receiver that is tuned to the same frequency. Mind is pretty much the same. When we die the mind frequencies travel pretty much the same way until a suitable fertilized egg with a similar karma account is ready to receive the same frequency.

This is why in Buddhism it emphasizes so much on the dying thoughts and encourage people do as much as good so that one can die fulfilled. It is for the same reason that Buddhism say to remind everyone of their good deeds at their death bed as much as possible. So are reminding Dharma and making sure the person facing death are kept comfortable so that they will be happy and think of good thoughts as much as possible.  It is important visitors too remember that they should never grieve but remind the person on deathbed that how good he or she was for them and in general. Every little good deed the person did.


NO. Some are reborn in heavenly planes, some are reborn in hell planes, some may be reborn as ghosts and as animals. Heaven is not a place but a state of existence dependent on the level of pleasure the mind experiences. 

Although some religions aggressively promote the heaven concept, like anything else nothing can be permanent. So are the heaven or hell for that matter. Everything is impermanent and that is a state conditioned for a specific period. One cannot eternally be in heaven (heavenly state) or hell. It will be stressful and the mind will be anxious if these states were eternal. While heavenly beings experience pleasure, hell beings and ghosts experience pain and displeasure. Usually human beings experience the both. Therefore this transfer of mental energy, the memory and karma set to another body ultimaly decide the quality of experience. 

“Those who imagine evil where there is none, and do not see evil where it is — upholding false views, they go to states of woe. Those who discern the wrong as wrong and the right as right — upholding right views, they go to realms of bliss. ~ Dhammapada 318, 319”


The determining factor although not the sole factor is Karma. Karma decides what type of a life you will have although there are four more factors as explained in five great laws(factors) called as Pancha Niyamas, nothing is stronger than Karma itself. Karma means ‘action’ and refers to one's intentional mental actions.How we have thought and acted in the past is what Karma simply mean. Therefore our actions today determine our life in the future and beyond the current life. Pretty much like the radio waves that will be picked up when tuned to particular frequency, the mental energies released at the time of death will naturally be re-established in a new material body that most suits it. 

Therefore, kind honest and helpful person will be reborn in a heavenly realm or as a human being in a heavenly environment. Worried, unkind, hateful or cruel people will be reborn in a hell realm, or as animals, or as a human being full of sufferings.

There's enough significant scientific evidence based on decades of studies to support rebirth, Its in fact the only after-life theory with any evidence to support it. Parapsychologists have studied reports of people having vivid memories of their previous lives. Among many reputed scientists and parapsychologists, there are significant figures who have dedicated their life to study rebirth and have found sound evidence that cannot be disputed. Ian Stevenson, a professor of the University of Virginia’s Department of Psychology has described dozens of such cases in his books. As an accredited scientist his 25 year long study of people with memories to former lives is a very strong evidence for life after death explained by Buddha.

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This is What Happens to You When You Die According to Buddha and The Science ! 4.5 5 SEEKER Wednesday, 23 November 2016 Buddhist teachings have the best explanation for life, death the universe. It has the most logical explanation in relation to death and life...


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